Slim Wallet | The Flash wallet

$38.99 USD $55 USD
Color: Amber

Elegance. Breathable. Precision.

Revolutionise the way you use wallets. Say no more to fat, bulky & heavy wallets forever!

The Flash Card Wallet is designed for quick-access to your credit cards, perfect to avoid those awkward situations when you have to search for your card in the queue. 

This wallet is a no-brainer for those needing a modern, sleek & comfortable wallet.



Card cascade feature.

The pulling strap allows instant access to all your cards. This feature will in general make your paying experience at starbucks or your local cafe so much easier and hassle free.The strap is magnetic to keep your cards nice and tucked inside, so you won’t have to worry when dropping it.

Carry only what you need.

The perfect minimalist wallet for those who carry the only essentials (business cards, credit cards & driver licence). The interior can hold 4-5 cards on the cascade compartment and there is also an external slot that can carry additional 2 cards or cash.

Carrying cash is decreasing as paying by card is becoming the new society norm. Not to mention there are apps that can now carry all your rewards card so you won’t need physical reward cards with you. What are you waiting for? It's already 2020, don’t be left behind!

Soft fabric & leather options

The soft fabric collection is everyone’s choice, as it’s soft, durable,waterproof & visually stunning. You will not be disappointed upon receiving this magnificent beauty.

Slim Wallet | The Flash wallet

Due to high demand we are now also selling the leather variant for those who love to put their wallets through harsh conditions (don’t worry we won’t judge)! The leather variant will provide a vintage style aesthetics, while remaining sleek, smooth but more tougher with the quality leather constructed.  

Slim Wallet | The Flash wallet

Exceptionally thin & breathable design

The wallet is as thick as 2 coins, making it feel light and easy when inserting within your pockets. So light you will forget you had it in your pocket the whole time!

Slim Wallet | The Flash wallet

Wallet came with defects? No need to worry when you buy our flash wallet, as it is risk-free with 100% money back guarantee. We can offer to replace your wallet at no additional cost. For more information please see our warranty policy in 'Pretty Nifty Refund Policy'.

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