Resistance Fitness Set™

$34.99 USD $55 USD

Reach your goal while under lockdown!

While gyms are closed worldwide from the COVID-19 outbreak. It is more important than ever to stay fit and avoid growing that belly!


With these, you can still train and stimulate all your core muscles

The Resistance Fitness Set will allow you to train with a large array of full-body exercise workouts. 

Training your back, chest, arms, abs and maybe legs at home has never been so easy (don't worry we won't judge if you skip legs) .


Why it’s important to keep in shape during the COVID-19 lockdown

Having a good diet and a consistent physical wellbeing is an essential to keep your immune response at its peak to fight off the virus. 

Immunologist from the University of Bath in England, provided evidence that emphasis on the importance of daily exercise does amplify your immune system which is a necessity in fighting viral infection.

What is included in the Resistance Fitness Set™ 

  • Adjustable 5 weighted elastic resistance cables (color coded)
  • 3 resistance band 
  • Portable carry bag (to carry your gear anywhere & anytime).
  • Resistance band guide 
  • Foam grip handles
  • 2 ankle straps
  • Door Anchor


Change of mind or package lost? No need to worry when you buy our fitness set, as it is risk-free with 100% money back guarantee. We can offer exchange at no additional cost. For more information please see our warranty policy in 'Pretty Nifty Refund Policy'. 



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