Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealed Coffee Canister

$26.94 USD $40.41 USD

Is there anything better than a beautiful cup of freshly roasted coffee beans?

A staple for every coffee enthusiast, keep your coffee beans at it's best for weeks with this stainless steel coffee canister. Its' airtight stainless steel design combines functionality and simplicity to rescue your beans from stale defeat. 



  • Available in three sizes; Small (380g capacity), Medium (400g), Large (500g)  
  • Built-in one way valve creates a vacuum tight seal that vents carbon dioxide without allowing oxygen to enter
  • Airtight and moisture-proof seal reinforced by a silicone ring around the lid   
  • Double sided steel lock supplements an airtight environment  
  • Corrosion resistant Grade 304 stainless steel protects from light exposure 
  • Date tracking wheel to keep track of the freshness of coffee 

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