Anamorphic Lens & Vintage Lens Case for iPhone & Huawei Phone Series

$200 USD


Shoot cinematic films with the attachable anamorphic lens and get the hollywood feel on your very own phone.


The phone case comes with a red wine finish providing a vintage style to the case and also making your phone stand out from the crowd. The double wall construction of the foundation of the phone case will provide compression when hitting the ground, thus providing additional protection.


To use the lens, simply insert and twist to lock the anamorphic lens onto the mount interface located on the phones lens, and done!


The anamorphic lens is commonly used in Hollywood films and many professional photographers in achieving wideshots with light flares when flashing a source of light directly at the lens to get those JJ abrams/micheal bay flare feel. 





  • Compatible for iPhone: For iPhone 6P,X,XR,XS,XS Max
  • Compatible for Huawei: For Huawei P20,P20 Pro,P30,P30 Pro
  • Phone Camera Type: Wide-Angle Len
  • Model Number: APL-PRAN
  • Product Name: 1.33X Anamorphic Lens with professional C-Mount Case
  • Lens Material: Aluminum Alloy+Glass
  • Lens Shape: Square
  • The feature of Professional case: C-Mount
  • Weight: 375g

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