Cup Holder Add-On

$37 USD

You don't have to put up with the limited amount of console space your car was designed with. Maximize your space and organize your car. 

Optimize Car Space

Unlike other in-car organizers, the Cup Holder Add-On doesn't take up additional space. It makes use of the gap between the car seat and console to create valuable space. 

Fills The Gap

An added bonus of the Cup Holder Add-On is that because it fills in the gap between the seat and console, small items no longer get lost falling into the gap.   

Easy To Use

You don't need any tools or machinery to install this, simply insert and it is ready to use.  

Safety First 

The Cup Holder Add-On was developed with safety in mind. It blends seamlessly with the center console and does not hinder the normal use of seat belts. The soft sponge pad also protects from any damage to your car seat.   

Quality PU Leather

Animal-friendly leather is used for an exquisite, long-lasting finish. 

Custom Compartments

Intelligently designed with customizable compartments. Keep it tidy with spaces for your phone, bottle, keys or coins.  

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