Snap-On Car Tissue Box

$15 USD

Are the tissues in your car in a hard to reach position or taking up valuable car space? With this easy-to-use SnapOn Tissue Box, your friends and family can conveniently access tissues.  

Safer & Easy To Reach

Now you can place the tissue box in an easy to reach location, on the sun visor, car door, or car backseat. No more struggling to reach your tissues while driving. 

Simple Snap-On

No assembly or complicated tools necessary. Simply clip onto the sun visor, car backseat or car door.

Space Saving

You don't have to place your tissue box on the passenger seat taking up valuable space, on the floor where its hard to reach, or use up the center console storage space Much easier and safer than putting your tissue box case on the car seat, save a lot space for your car, make your car look more neat and tidy.


Each snap-on tissue box comes with a pack of refills paper towels (up to 22cm x 10.5cm x 2cm).

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