Tropicana Mini Pill Box

$11.98 USD $16 USD

There are some medications that you should always keep on you for immediate access. With the Tropicana Mini Pill Case on hand, you can quickly deal with life's unexpected hurdles.

Lightweight & Portable

The perfect addition to any bag. Designed to be light and portable, unlike traditional bulky pill cases. Ideal for people who like to pack as lightly as possible, you won't notice it’s even there. 

Always Be Prepared

Be prepared for any situation, take care of yourself and your friends when disaster strikes. You can also save money. Never again do you need to go to the local, overpriced pharmacy.  

Three Compartments

    With three slots you can store the medications most applicable to you, such as painkillers, allergy, and cold and flu. Keep one in your handbag, gym bag and car so you’ll never be caught out.

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