PrettyNifty Trunk Organizer

$31.55 USD

The PrettyNifty Trunk Organizer is an easy solution to save valuable space in your trunk while keeping it neat, tidy, and easily accessible to the items you use most.  

Free Up Floor Space

Unlike a trunk box, the PrettyNifty Trunk Organizer is raised up off the floor. It adds extra storage without using up more floor space. Now you can also place your luggage, stroller, or other large items in the back.

Spacious Storage Compartments

The Trunk Organizer has 8 large compartments: 2 flap covers, 2 open covers, and 4 mesh pockets. No longer will you find your items scattered throughout the back. Easily and quickly locate your first aid kit, jumper cables, reusable bags and more. 

Sturdy Attachments 

3 rear buckles and loop fasteners clip around the headrests for a strong attachment, coupled with a strong velcro adhesion, prevents it from swinging or flying around when driving. 


Available in 2 sizes. The Large has 8 compartments | The Small has 4 compartment. 

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