travel shoe bags 10-Pack

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Color: Navy Blue

If you love your shoes, you'll love the Travel Shoe Pouch. Invest in storing them properly now and you'll keep them looking fresh for years longer. Spacious and durable, suitable for every shoe from sneakers and boots to high heels.  

Shoes Last Longer 

Get the most use out of your favorite shoes. Keep them safe with the travel shoe bags to protect them from color transfer, sun exposure, excessive moisture and dust.  

A Travel Essential 

Whether you're on your way to work or boarding a Caribbean cruise, Protective Pouches are invaluable in preventing your shoes from soiling your clothes and from getting scuffed.   

Prevent Dry Rotting During Storage

When you put away your off-season shoes for a while without using them, you run the risk of them falling apart and breaking down. But with a travel shoe bags you can keep them dry, safe, and good as new for years. 

Useful When You Go Swimming

Not only can you separate your wet slippers, but wet clothes too. 

Space Efficient 

Unlike bulky shoe bags, when you're not using it you can easily fold it and store it away without taking up much space. 

Double As A Bag

The sturdy drawstring which makes it a breeze to open and close also doubles as a handle, making it easy to use as a bag on the go.   


Ea. Pack contains  a quantity of 10 

M Size fits shoes US size under 9 | L Size fits shoes US size 9 -13. 

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