Hotpot Ladle & Strainer 2-in-1

$15.98 USD $20.98 USD
Color: Blue

The perfect addition to your hotpot needs. Use as a ladle, double as a filter. Don't create more dishes to wash and more hassle running around to get another utensil.  

2-in-1 Functionality

Duel integrated design means you can enjoy your hotpot the way you like it. Easily switch from use as a soup spoon to a strainer. 

Easy To Store

Simply hang on the kitchen wall when not in use, saves space.

Ergonomic Design

The long handle (18.5cm/7.3 inches) is the perfect length to keep your hands away from steam burns and hot splashes. The handle is also slightly curved for a natural grip.

Environmentally Friendly 

Made from wheat straw and food grade PP material for a durable, polished finish.


    Dimensions: 24.5cm long x 18.5*8*4cm

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