Ziplock Mason Jar

$16.98 USD $25 USD

A must-have for your kitchen. These mason jar-esque ziploc bags are super cute and will clean up space in your fridge, pantry and kitchen cabinets.

Standard glass jars and storage containers, unlike these mason jar-esque bags, take up lots of space, and glass containers can be dangerous for children to handle. 

  • Chic design 
  • Save space in your fridge, pantry, etc 
  • Child-safe compared to glass containers which shatter when dropped 
  • Super light and space-efficient, so perfect for on the go. Take to work, school or picnics
  • Made to last, sturdy design  
  • Spill-proof zip-lock 
The LARGE size (1000ml) is great for oats, cereal, or sandwich (17.1cm wide x 24.5cm tall)
The MEDIUM size (500ml) can be used to store a sandwich, cut up fruit, or biscuits (14cm wide x 19.5cm tall) 
The SMALL size (150 ml) is ideal for smaller items, such as nuts, candies, or seasoning (11cm wide x 15cm tall) 
The TALL size (500ml) is great at storing spaghetti, pasta or rice. You could also stack items such as cookies (10.5cm wide x 31.5cm tall) 

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